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A delicious Arabic coffee packed full of organic mushrooms with brain-boosting nootropics, formulated to give you sharper focus and energy that lasts.

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Don’t get us wrong, regular coffee is good and all, but why settle for fewer nutrients when there are better options out there? Not to mention, it can often come with some unpleasant side effects, like jitters and a midday crash. This is why we developed our Bravenly Boost Brew, a delicious Arabic coffee loaded with adaptogenic mushrooms and brain-boosting nootropics, formulated to give you sharper focus and energy that lasts!

Say “HELLO” to these BENEFITS…

Mental Speed, Fewer Cravings, Enhanced Productivity, Sustainable Energy that Fuels your mind, and roughly 50% more caffeine than your everyday cup of coffee.†

This instant coffee will not disappoint.


Arabic Coffee: Instant coffee rich in antioxidants that support weight control, mental clarity, physical energy & boosts metabolism.†

Guarana: Reduces fatigue & improves focus, helping maintain mental energy & clarity. Contains 4-6 times more caffeine than coffee beans.†

MTC Powder: Could assist with weight loss, good energy source, could reduce lactate buildup in athletes and help use fat for energy, & could help manage healthy blood sugar levels.†

Chaga Mushroom: Supports weight control, mental clarity, physical energy, and boosts metabolism. Chaga can also boost the immune system and help your blood sugar.†

Lions Mane Mushroom: Supports brain, cognitive function, and memory. Supports weight loss and digestion. Lions Mane is also a great energy source.†

Cordyceps Mushroom: Helps to fight fatigue, supports improved focus, memory, weight loss constipation relief, and overall heart health.†

Reishi Mushroom: Boosts immune system, fights fatigue, and lifts mood. Reishi mushrooms may also help increase good cholesterol and help maintain healthy blood sugar.†


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    By using WPI as the primary ingredient along with premium ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate (WPC), we’re able to pack 24 grams of protein into every serving to support your muscle-building needs after training.

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