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RUSH EXTREME gives you the energy, focus, and mood-boost to help you accomplish your goals!

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Feel the RUSH like never before with our extreme version of our Bravenly favorite. Now with MORE energy, mood, and brain-boosting ingredients like caffeine, niacin, vitamin A, and riboflavin!

RUSH EXTRME powers active lives every day with essential functional energy powered by vitamins and key nootropics. We combat energy and mental speed while supporting your neurotransmitters with incredible ingredients such as ALPHA-GPC and Bacopa Glycoside

Whether you need an extra boost before heading off to the gym or a delicious pick-me-up to help you hustle through your workday, RUSH EXTRME is here to help you stay active, energized, and laser-focused all day long!

Made with results-driven ingredients, RUSH EXTREME has no artificial flavors or coloring and is 15 calories per serving.


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