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How to Allow User Registration on Your WordPress Site

Do you want to allow users to register on your site? Whether it is for having them write a blog post or simply comment on the site, WordPress allows you to enable user registration. In this article, we will show you how to allow user registration on your WordPress site and how to manage users. Full Article

The FTC issues hefty fine to the manager of 18 dating sites for ‘fake profiles’

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Securing Your WordPress site: Wordfence Security Review

Chances are, you’re here because you love WordPress, and you love the idea of protecting the site you worked on so tirelessly to create. There are a lot of plugins ...Full Article

How To Disable The Mini Toolbar In Office 2013

Microsoft got a lot of heat with Windows 8 and loyal Windows users were disappointed with the company’s attempt at innovation since it ended up sacrificing two of the most iconic ...Full Article

How to Replace ‘Enter Title Here’ Text in WordPress

WordPress displays ‘Enter title here’ placeholder text in the title field when you create a new post. Recently one of our users asked if they can replace it with ...Full Article

Real Estate agent does not want to be a dot .Realtor

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Juan Diego Calle: LinkedIn profile status ‘unemployed’

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8 Reasons to Convert Your Blog to

The quickest way to start a free blog is by signing up to Many new bloggers start that way. While it’s a great place to start, has ...Full Article

Send A Window To A Different Virtual Desktop In Windows 10

Windows 10 introduced virtual desktops. Microsoft is quite far behind in introducing this feature since both OS X and Ubuntu have had it for ages. We don’t know just ...Full Article

Domain thieves continue to provoke while Registrars deny the owners basic rights!

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