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You are here: Alert: is currently a stolen domain – Do not buy

Alert: is currently a stolen domain – Do not buy

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Force Windows Apps To Open As Maximized

One of my favorite Windows features  is window management. Specifically, the Snap feature is what I love. Windows 10 has improved it significantly for anyone working with a large monitor. ...Full Article

How to Prevent Duplicate Post Titles in WordPress

Did you know that post title and URL play an important role in SEO? Having a duplicate post title can negatively affect SEO performance of your site. WordPress deals ...Full Article

Best WordPress Video Chat Plugins – Based on Your Needs

There are many amazing video chat plugins for WordPress, but which one to choose? That’s the real question. It’s certainly a fantastic way to connect to your customers, audience, ...Full Article

Social media newcomer Ello: We’ll never show ads and here’s why

Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network. There has been some speculation in the press since our launch eleven weeks ago that Ello will someday be forced ...Full Article

How to Add Custom Fields to Comments Form in WordPress

WordPress comes with a built-in comment system which allows you to have lively discussion around your content. By default, the comment area shows 4 fields (name, email, website address, ...Full Article

Hooks: Get Alerts For TV Shows, Concerts, Games, Rain And More [iOS]

Reminders, alerts, alarms; they’re all great at making sure you don’t forget important things like meetings, picking up the milk, remembering to take the trash out, not skipping leg ...Full Article

Reports: New gTLDs rank as ‘exact match domains’ in Google searches

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7 Legal Hacks on How To Get More Blog Traffic

If you’re searching for how to get more blog traffic, stop! The truth of the matter is that you don’t just want traffic, but qualified traffic. Right? The solution is not ...Full Article

23 Top Tools for WordPress Freelancers, Designers, and Developers

WordPress is one of the fastest growing skillset on the freelancer websites like oDesk and elance. With thousands of WordPress freelancers, designers, developers working to get the same projects, ...Full Article
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