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How to Enforce One Category Per Post in WordPress

In our categories vs tags article, we recommend that you only select one category per post. However this can be difficult for beginners to get used to. In this article, we will show you how to enforce one category per post in WordPress. This will ensure consistency in how you sort your content. First thing Full Article

Uniregistry: Lots of new domain features arriving in Q1 of 2015

Your friends at would like to let you know about some exciting changes that will be taking place between now and Q1 2015. Our goal at DNS has ...Full Article

Rise of the Dragon: Domain theft in China is gaining momentum

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How to Add Staff Member Profiles in WordPress with Staffer

We are often asked about easy ways to add staff member profiles in WordPress. Previously, we showed you how to add staff member profile pages, but it required editing ...Full Article

How to Hide Your WordPress Version Number

WordPress can track your site, thanks to the footprints it leaves in its software that let the outside world know what version of WordPress you are using. If you ...Full Article

Clean All EXIF Data From Your Photos Before Sharing Them [Android]

Cameras on phones have grown exceptionally sophisticated over time and not just in terms of photo quality but in terms of the digital data they can capture in addition ...Full Article

Father Domainicus: Do not let China steal all the good numeric domains for a piece of bread

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The New York Times just called domainers ‘Cybersquatters’ in fear-mongering dot .NYC coverage

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Oktoberfest: Perfect timing for the launch of dot .Beer by Minds+Machines

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Sticky Notes Collector: Sync Website Specific Notes Across Computers [Chrome]

Note taking apps or rather note taking extensions are both abundant and popular. Some have web services working at the back end while others store notes on your local ...Full Article
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