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aDollarApps: View Price History Of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, & BlackBerry Apps

If you’ve ever bought an app only for it to go on sale, or temporarily free, in the days that follow then you might have regretted your haste in buying the app. Buying an app when you really need it isn’t something you’re going to be able to avoid but if you’re interested in buying Full Article

The Ultimate Guide for Converting Blog Readers into Raving Social Fans

How can you turn readers into RAVING social media fans?   Having social media influence means you can create triggers to educate, and persuade others to take action – ...Full Article

How to A/B Split Test WordPress Post Titles to Get More Clicks

Have you ever found yourself stuck choosing which title to use for your post? Having a good title is important for getting more clicks and shares. However often people ...Full Article

Network Solutions rolls out ‘XYZ’ tool to help delete free dot .XYZ domain names

Full Article

How to Auto Adjust WordPress Sidebar to Match Content Height

Widgets make it super easy to add cool things to our WordPress sidebar. However, sometimes your sidebars can become much longer than the actual content area. Recently a user ...Full Article

The Ass in the Lion’s Skin – The WhiP #85

Hello dear reader, Gone in Sixty Seconds “We wanted something crazy easy for users to understand and use.” The guys behind Graph Paper Press have launched Theme.Works, a drag and ...Full Article

Three Actionable Blogging Tactics For 2014

SUCCESSful bloggers take action. It’s your turn.  In the blogging world, there are several tips provided by key influencers and top bloggers. These tips will make you learn about ...Full Article

Maxthon: The World’s fastest web browser!

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Miranda Helps You Coordinate Time In Multiple Time Zones [iOS]

One of my most memorable mistakes/job fails was the direct result of my inability to work, or rather plan anything in two different time zones. To say I learned ...Full Article

How to Fix Fatal Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded in WordPress

Recently one of our users told us they weren’t able to update their WordPress theme due to the Fatal Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded in WordPress. Fixing this error ...Full Article
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